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The value-add

is to bring Industry specific value-add with a focus on Product-Market intersections, fundraising and team building

Engagement model

typically engaging in a company by being on the Board of Directors, bringing value through a hands-on involvement

Who we are

The principal of GAP Technology Holding is Bart Markus, an experienced investor in and coach of technology companies


The model is to engage with portfolio companies in a hands-on, active manner.  The typical engagement model is through the Company Board as that is where the product strategy, corporate strategy and company development meet and the management team is validating its strategy and getting input.  Where it is possible to bring direct value add, we do engage in specific actions as agreed in the board and with the management team. But maybe even more importantly, as a founder or CEO (or both), you need a sounding board and even when you have surrounded yourself with a fantastic team and if you have the most professional investors, there will be issues that you can not distract either with.  The aim is to build that relationship with you – be the first person to call when things get really tricky.